A Ten Year-Old Manchester United Fan Told Jurgen Klopp to Stop Winning

A ten-year-old boy named Daragh Curley became an instant internet hit after Jurgen Klopp wrote him a letter in regard to Curley’s wish that Liverpool could stop winning the games. This is one of rare yet heartwarming events on football that became viral so quickly. Daragh Curley sent the letter in order to complete his school project. And what he wrote to Juger Klopp finally caught the German manager’s attention and gave a reaction. 

Daragh Curley is a student of Glenswilly N.S in Donegal. In his school project letter, he decided to send a personal letter to Jurgen Klopp about how he is feeling as a Manchester United fan that hopes Liverpool can stop winning the matches so that other teams could have the chance to win. In this case, Manchester United, his favorite football club. In his letter, he stated that Liverpool is winning too many games already and if Liverpool continues to win another 9 games, then Liverpool will become the best unbeaten team in English Football. Because of that, the 10-year-old boy expressed it is sad to be a United Fan. He expressed his concern that Liverpool has won a lot of games. He even asked Jurgen Klopp to make Liverpool lose and let the other team score. He closed the letter by convincing Jurgen Klopp to stop winning another match and also not to win the league. 

It is such a brave act from a 10-year-old boy who loves football and his favorite team and how he is passionate about football and his favorite club. And Jurgen Klopp really took a decent gesture to reply to this die-hard United fan personally. Daragh’s father, Gordon Curley, who is also a Manchester United fan, told the media that he admired Jurgen Klopp’s gesture and explained how his young boy could not believe that Jurgen Klopp wrote him a letter. In response to Daragh’s letter, Klopp thanked Daragh for writing to him. He also wrote to Daragh that he, unfortunately, could not grant his request. As quoted from the official letter “Unfortunately, on this occasion, I cannot grant your request, not through choice anyway.” https://www.maxbetsbobet.org/

Furthermore, the 52-year-old manager explained that it is his job to do everything he can to help Liverpool to win. He also wrote that by reading the letter from Daragh, he can feel the passion from this boy to football and for the club he cherished for. Further, Klopp also expressed that Manchester United is very lucky to have a dedicated fan who appreciates and loves the club. In that part, Jurgen Klopp really showed a decent gesture as a club manager to this Manchester United little fella who wants his club to win.

Jurgen Klopp’s simple writing is very heartwarming and that is what Daragh’s father admires so much. Instead of directing the letter into a rivalry, Klopp replied in a different point of view. It shows us and Daragh that it is about respect to one another. We all know how to feel like a fanatic fan and your club is losing. It is painful of course but we have to show respect to other clubs and keep doing better for better results. Klopp really pointed out the positive and respect that we believe that the 10-year-old schoolboy will appreciate. Daragh’s father told the media that he is happy with the letter and so proud of it. This young lad brought the letter to the school and showed it to the teachers and friends.